Hunting With The Leupold RX-1000i TBR Rangefinder

There are several strong benefits of hunting with a high-quality distance device like the Leupold RX-1000i TBR Rangefinder. Rangefinders employ the latest laser-based technologies to make hunting more successful with less room for error. This increases the ease of the hunt on certain tactical fronts, but in this age of high tech advancement, why should a hunter old-school it anyway?

Until just a few years back, hunters really needed to understand the intricacies of the terrain they were hunting in. They needed to be intensely familiar with the area and understand its landmarks. They needed this because they needed to be able to judge the distances and trajectory angles of their shots accurately. And they needed to be able to do it quickly if they wanted to bag any game.


So they would use some old school tricks like tying camo ribbons to trees at certain distances in order to be able to determine the range of an animal when it may or may not have presented itself. Now, you just let the rangefinder do all of that type of work for you in terms of information gathering. View your prospective prey through the unit and you’ll instantly be presented with all the info you need to make a spectacular shot.

You can visit and learn everything you ever wanted to know about rangefinder hunting. For now, let’s take a closer look at what makes the RX-1000iTBR such a popular rangefinder for today’s tech-savvy hunters.

4 Benefits of the Leupold RX-1000i TBR Rangefinder:

  1. Leupold DNA (Digitally Enhanced Accuracy) presents some of the most impressive and modern technologies in digital laser range finding. DNA enables your rangefinder to deliver more precision at farther distances with faster speeds. The results yielded will be accurate to within 1/10 of a meter. They will also be accurate against any backdrop combinations of terrain textures and colors.
  2. The TBR in RX-1000iTBR stands for True Ballistic Range. Now what that means is that the unit’s technology matches its range finding capabilities to the ballistics of your particular weapon. This unit delivers precision results, up to 1000 yards, in holdover point form (HOLD), a minutes of angle (MOA) adjustment, the milliradians of inclination (MIL) or in the equivalent horizontal distance (BAS).
  3. The Quick Set Menu of the RX-1000iTBR from Leupold offers hunters single-hand control and a simple, easy-to-see interface. It’s been designed to function optimally even in the most adverse weather conditions. Sweaty hands are no problem either. You can quickly navigate to where you need to be and never lose the potential for a good shot.
  4. The RX-1000i uses Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technologies to deliver crystal clear images. This evolved technology delivers a marked improvement in the resolution and transmission of light sources. Old LCD displays reduce the quality of the images they show because light is sapped away and decreased resolution results. The images on this unit will blow your mind with their clarity. With this advanced technology, your display will show 3 times as clear, especially in early morning or later evening conditions. That’s simply because the available light is maximized for its usefulness.

Leupold RX-1000i TBR RangefinderSo if you’re considering breaking into the high-tech world of rangefinder hunting, you should definitely explore further. Laser units like the Leupold RX-1000iTBR rangefinder offer a lot of value for the hunter – and humane, precise shots for the prey. Utilizing the latest technologies to bag your next game makes sense in today’s world. Enjoy exploring rangefinder hunting!